Theriault Sentenced 

Brad Theriault publicly apologized to the Sokoloski family for the part he played in the crash that killed 21-year-old John Sokoloski in August 2005.

Members of both families relayed to Justice William Anderson, how the events of that afternoon have effected them.

Anderson imposed a sentence of 10 years, with all but three suspended, and four years of probation.

In addition, Theriault cannot use any drugs or alcohol, or operate a motor vehicle… and he must undergo treatment for substance abuse.

John’s mother, Rosie Sokoloski, says while she thinks the sentence was too light, but does bring closure to this chapter of their lives.

District Attorney, Chris Almy, asked the judge to take in to consideration Theriault’s lengthy criminal record.

Theriault’s friend and stepbrother said his troubled past and battle with substance abuse should be weighed as well.

Theriault’s family had nothing to say to us about the sentence.