Palmyra Boy Finds Hospital 

It’s so rare he’s the only case in the entire state. Isiah Washburn is nearly 10-months old.

Just last week, his parents found out that their baby has the life-threatening disorder.

There’s just a one in one-hundred-thousand chance of having Hurler’s Syndrome.

Babies with Hurlers lack an enzyme that breaks things down to be processed out of the body.

Toxins build up and attack the body. The disease can be deadly.

There are only two hospitals in the country that treat Hurlers, and since the family is on MaineCare, getting accepted for the million dollar treatment has been a challenge.

Duke University agreed to treat Isiah, and the family is getting ready to make the trip to North Carolina.

Isiah’s mother, Jenni Ireland, says that the bone marrow transplant proposed by the doctors should allow her son to lead &quot:a pretty normal life,&quot: well into adulthood.

Isiah and his family leave for Duke on Sunday, the 20th.

They’re expected to be there for at least six months.

Folks in the community have fundraisers planned, and an account has been set up, through Merrill Merchant Bank.

Donations can be made at any branch across the state, all you have to do to help is walk in and simply reference the Isiah Fund.

For more information on the fundraisers, or to track Isiah’s progress, go to the website