Future Planners of Bangor 

Every ten years, the planning board takes a look back at the city’s comprehensive plan, then comes up with a direction they want the city to go in.

This year, city councilors are opening the process to the public.

They’re inviting members of the community to join a special comprehensive planning committee.

That group would meet a couple of times a month to help develop a vision of how Bangor will grow in the future.

Councilor Geoff Gratwick says it’s a great opportunity for people to offer their ideas on ways to make the city better.

&quot:Do we want to have more in filling of houses What the residential units are going to look like How do we attract more businesses What kind of businesses do we want Where do they get zoned Recreation, out door spaces, open space…trails. We need more parks: where should they be And these are the kinds of issues that we really need lots of people to comment on.&quot:

Gratwick says residents interested in being a part of the special planning committee, need to schedule an interview with the city council.

If you’d like to learn more, you can contact the city clerk’s office at 992-9220.