Bomb Scare 

The bomb squad was called in around 5:30 after someone noticed a suspicious suit case that was left outside the Beth Israel Synagogue on York Street.

No one knew where it came from, authorities weren’t taking any chances.

Police cordoned off the area as the bomb squad got to work.

They used an x-ray to examine the suitcase which was left near the front door.

Once they determined there was nothing harmful inside, the coast was clear.

According to Lt. Mark Hathaway of the Bangor Police Department, &quot:The folks at the synagogue were great to work with. We got here relatively quick and were able to tell them in short order there was nothing harmful and nothing concerning for them&quot:

It’s unclear what was inside the suitcase, but we know there wasn’t a bomb.

One bystander said the owner might have left the suitcase by the door for a yard sale that the synagogue plans to hold.