Robbinston Fire Update 

Fire officials say that as of Monday night, the fire has been fully contained. Though they expect to remain on the scene for another couple of days, snuffing out hotspots.

The fire started Sunday afternoon. Authorities say it most likely began at a camp site in the woods.

Dry and windy weather let the flames spread quickly to nearby trees and brush, then it erupted and took off through the woods.

Forest Ranger Jeff Currier says that the camp and a nearby structure were flattened.

At one point the fire looked like it might spread to some nearby homes, but firefighters were able to keep that from happening.

&quot:Right now, we’ve got about 40 fire fighters on the scene.&quot: Ranger Currier told TV5 Monday. &quot:We’ve got 6 bulldozers working to build a fire line and a helicopter on the scene as well, for bucket drops.&quot:

Those six bulldozers ended up creating a 9,000 foot containment line around the conflagration.

Currier says firefighters from all parts of Washington County, as well as fire crews from both the Down East and the Charleston correctional facilities have been working to put the fire out.

State Fire Marshals were at the scene Monday, looking for clues as to what exactly caused the fire.