Oil Off the Coast 

If Congress does lift the ban, it would open the door to drilling in the Gulf of Maine, specifically in George’s Bank.

Reactions to the news have been mixed, some doubting it would happen even if the ban was lifted.

Sean Mahoney’s Conservation Law Foundation has fought to ban drilling off Maine since the 1970’s, citing both environmental concerns, and the struggling groundfish industry.

While state geologist Bob Marvinee says that the gulf of Maine does not even contain enough oil or natural gas reserves to make it worth the cost of drilling.

&quot:I’d hate to ignore something that has potential, but it’s probably on the low end of potential. Certainly globally speaking the best estimates that we have are pretty low numbers on both oil and gas.&quot: Marvinee Said on Monday.

Organizations including the Maine Oil Dealers Association believe that with the current state of oil, the country needs to at least consider drilling off shore.

They say that drilling technology has changed significantly since oil exploration in the gulf was halted back in the 1980’s.