Fort Halifax Dam Removal 

Residents have debated if the dam should be breached, or if a fish lift should be put in instead.

Owners of the structure, FPL energy, say the actual breaching of the dam won’t happen until next week.

Some residents are worried that lowering the water will expose some of the heavy metal chromium in the river bed.

Department of Environmental Protection officials confirm chromium-3 has been detected in the river bed.

Jane Edwards, a retired deputy state law librarian, has researched the effects of chromium and says the public hasn’t been made aware of the potential dangers, saying &quot:I think the city has a right to know that this could be dangerous to our children, but nobody is telling them that.&quot:

The chromium was originally introduced into the river years ago by a tannery upstream of the Fort Halifax dam. Chromium salts are used in the process of tanning leather.

Chromium has been known to cause cancer.