Canaan Family Loses Everything to Fire 

Single mom, Heidi Wentworth and her two kids are staying at a local motel as they begin to pick up the pieces and start over after a fire in their mobile home destroyed everything they owned Friday afternoon.
The Wentworth’s were only able to salvage a handful of small items in this latest fire and neither Heidi or her landlord had insurance.
As investigators try to piece together what exactly happened, Wentworth’s sister, Deborah Ashby says, she’s trying to help the family get a hold of some basic items they can use to start rebuilding, again.
Items like bedding, clothing, furniture, food and dishes.
If you would like to help the Wentworth family out, you may do so by sending donations of food, clothing and bedding to Deborah Ashby at 61 Kimball Lane in Starks.