Family and Friends Hopeful for Closure 

16-year old Joyce McLain disappeared nearly 28 years ago. Her killer or killers remain at large.

But her mother, Pam McLain and a group called &quot:Justice for Joyce&quot: hope that modern DNA techniques will finally lead authorities to her killer.

They say they’ve raised enough money cover the cost of exhuming Joyce’s body so that a renowned forensic pathologist can perform new tests.

It’s a day Pam McLain says she can’t believe is here.

She told TV5, &quot: I am just so on cloud nine here. It happened in such a short span of time. The people of Maine have been so giving from their hearts that the monies is there.&quot:

Pam McLain says she’s hopeful her daughter’s body will be exhumed with in the next couple of weeks. There’s no word on how long the DNA tests will take.