Thief Steals Memorial Flag 

Nancy-Linn Nellis was given a special regimental flag when her husband, Major Herbert P. Elliott junior, or Jack, as he’s called, passed away. And Nellis has proudly flown that flag on a pole next to her house.

That is, until a few weeks ago, when someone stole the flag right off the pole.

Nellis has alerted the police, but so far, the flag remains missing.

Some area merchants are hoping to change that. Holly Lane, owner of Wyman’s General Store, says there’s a reward for anyone who helps get the flag back.

&quot:My dad has served in the service, and in the Air Force.&quot: Lane said on Wednesday. &quot:…its really important that people have something to remember by, and why someone in this community would stoop so low, as to steal this lady’s remembrance of her husband, is beyond me.&quot:

At last report, the reward is up to about $650.

And Nellis says she will not press charges against the culprits who stole the flag, she just wants to see it returned, unharmed.