Campaign For Healthcare Begins 

About fifty folks from labor unions and organizations like the Maine People’s Alliance, Women’s Lobby, and State Employees Association gathered on the state house steps to ask for change in the health care system.

Health Care for America Now is a campaign urging national lawmakers to make a plan offering consumers the choice of keeping their current coverage, choosing a new insurance plan, or joining a government-run plan.

Supporters say the goal is to have plans accessible for everyone by 2009.

&quot:We’re building the political will to do it, and I think there’s been various proposals in the past and maybe we weren’t ready to fight back against the backlash from private insurance companies, but we’re ready now.&quot: Alliance member Ali Vander Zanden told TV5 Tuesday.

HeCAN campaigns throughout the country are expected in more than forty cities between now and election day to promote awareness on the issue.