Team Ready to Aid Laid Off Workers 

Dozens of laid-off workers at the Red shield plant in Old Town are in a holding pattern: waiting to hear when they might return to work.

The company temporarily shut down and has now filed for bankruptcy to reorganize its finances.

Members of the Penobscot County Transition met on Monday to figure out the needs of nearly 160 worker who’ve been off the job for a month. Some 60 workers attended state-run information sessions last week.

At least 106 have filed for unemployment.

The transition team is planning a series of workshops for all employees.

&quot:We’ll start putting together some sessions for them to do mortgages. You know how to work with their mortgages to make sure they’re not losing their homes, that is a devastating part of it.&quot: Team member Gail Kelly told TV5 Monday. &quot:And the food banks that they can use. Those and we’ll put together also a health care fair.&quot:

Red Shield will be back in bankruptcy court on Tuesday, asking to borrow $800,000 through the month of July.

That money will cover the bills and keep 28 workers on board to maintain the mill for start up.

As for the transition team workshops, members say that they could also help folks at nearly half-a-dozen other area companies, too.

Gagne Precast in Veazie and DHL Express in Brewer both recently closed.

State workers at the Levinson Center in Bangor will also lose their jobs when a private contractor comes in. And World Over Imports and Linens-n-Things in Bangor are expected to shut down this fall.