Remembering Charlie Howard 

On July 7th 1984, 23-year-old Charlie Howard was out for a walk with a friend when three teenagers brutally attacked him on the State Street Bridge and threw him into the Kenduskeag River.

Howard, who couldn’t swim, drowned.

Each year, on the anniversary of his death, folks gather for a memorial service and then walk to the State Street Bridge and throw flowers into the stream in Charlie’s honor.

&quot:I do it to keep it on the table, to keep it up front so people can still dialogue.&quot: Said the founder of the Howard Foundation, Daniel Williams. &quot:And also for those people who are fearful: that maybe they can educate and expand their minds.&quot:

Charlie Howard’s three attackers pled guilty to manslaughter, and all served time in a juvenile facility.

Next July 7th marks the 25th anniversary of Howard’s death, and activists are planning a week of events in remembrance.