Hydrogen Fuel Cells 

Last month we told you how Todd Eaton had increased his gas mileage by more than 40% with just two cells.

Since that time, he has been experimenting some more, and is now operating four cells on his ’98 jeep, and his mileage has increased again.

He’s now getting 29 MPG.

Eaton’s had the emissions of his jeep tested, and is going to have more tests done.

He’s learned a lot from his experiments and trials with the cells, and has a pretty good formula figured out.

His ultimate goal is hooking the cells up to his home heating system, &quot:I’ve confirmed some of the ideas I’ve had. Especially about a propane generator that I’m still waiting in getting the equipment so I can actually start testing it and finding out for myself if the generator can run off of HHO cells, and if it can produce enough electricity to go into your house.&quot:

Eaton has set up his own website,, to let folks see his progress and to get any input from others.