State Prison Stand-off 

Corrections Commissioner Martin Magnusson says officers came very close to, in his words, &quot:taking out&quot: the inmate who started it all.

For seven hours, Michael Chasse held two hostages, a prison employee and another inmate.

He restrained them in chairs in a glass-enclosed office in the education section of the prison.

Authorities say the prison employee suffered a cut on the face and was hit on the head. The inmate being held received minor facial injuries.

Commissioner magnusson says Chasse’s weapon was a sharp object about five inches long that he had taped to his hand.

Magnusson says Chasse dropped to the ground when officers burst through the glass.

Chasse wasn’t due for release until 2029. He was doing time for breaking into a home in Brewer in 1997. During his trial he escaped by throwing laundry detergent in the eyes of sheriff’s deputies and running off.

He’ll now face multiple charges for the stand-off.