Penobscot Pow Wow 

The inaugural Penobscot Pow Wow kicked off on indian island today…

Members of the Penobscot nation invited more than four dozen tribes to the event and the public is also welcome to attend.

The pow wow showcases tribal dancing and drumming…and vendors are on hand selling native arts and crafts.

Penobscot Tribal Chief Kirk Francis says the events are a welcome distraction from the emotional upheaval the Penobscots have experienced this week.

They and other members of the Wabanaki confederacy agreed to separate from their states and provinces.

The tribal chiefs will now solely govern themselves.

More than seventy tribal leaders’ signatures are now on a resolution which is on its way to the United Nations.

Chief Francis says this weekend is a time to put politics aside, and to reconnect as a people by focusing on culture and spirituality.