Red Shield 

He says that’s still a possibility, but that’s not the only plan being worked on to save the facility.

The head of the company says the chapter 11 filing is meant to free up money to cover expenses and pay the nearly 200 workers.

About 150 of them left on a temporary shutdown weeks ago.

Ed Paslawski says the filing will also give Red Shield time to find investors to cover the rising energy costs that prompted the bankruptcy.

He told TV-5 he expects workers to return in about a month.

City manager Peggy Daigle says a major research project at the mill to produce fuel from wood gives her confidence in the facility’s future.

She also says some of the innovative work that’s planned for the place can take time and be risky.

Until the workers are called back, about 30 people will remain at the mill to keep it primed for start up.