P.A.L. Center to Close 

It started as a place for kids to go to stay out of trouble, and it has turned in to a safe haven for kids with special needs to go to learn important life skills.

The P.A.L. Center in Bangor will close its doors on Friday, due to lack of funding.

The center is maintained by the city of Bangor Parks and Rec Department, and run by the Police Athletic League.

The league funds the program with money from private donations and grants.

According to sources, that money has run out, and the program has to shut down because it can’t pay its bills.

Patricia England has worked at the P.A.L. Center for over a year.

She says if the center closes down, the kids will suffer.

The city Parks and Rec. Department says the center could re-open if the Police Athletic League can come up with some money, but as it stands, the P.A.L. Center will shut down until further notice.