Mill Unions Meet 

Vehicles lined the driveway of the River-Driver Restaurant, as union members from both the mills in Millinocket and East Millinocket, along with mill management, got together Tuesday.

Last month the company announced it might have to close down its Millinocket mill because of the high cost of fuel.

Since then the company and the unions have been working closely with the Governor’s Office, to find a way to keep the mill running.

Steel workers International Union Rep. Duane Lugdon says Tuesday’s talks were upbeat and are giving some folks cause for hope. &quot:We need to get the mill in Millinocket off for an oil energy base, and get it on to another type of energy—and obviously, here in Maine, we’ve got such a nice forest and we’ve got the ability to burn wood to create steam and energy. That’s probably where the future lies, here in Millinocket.&quot:

David farmer, a spokesman for the Governor, says both mills are valuable parts of the community, with strong traditions, work forces and customer connections.

Farmer says the Governor’s Office has suggested alternative sources of fuel to mill management.

All parties hope to have a resolution by the end of the month.