Wrong Turn on I-95 Ends in Disaster 

A Waterville man was badly injured after colliding with a guard rail.

According to trooper Jeff Beech, the driver was traveling north on the interstate when he took one of the crossovers to the southbound lanes.

However, instead of traveling south, 29-year-old Richard Crowley continued north in the southbound lane.

But not for long…

Crowley ended up going off the road, where he collided with the end of a guardrail.

The impact was so severe that it sent the guardrail through the engine compartment and up into the passenger compartment, where Crowley was seated.

Crowley was reportedly severely injured. he was airlifted to a Lewiston hospital for treatment.

It’s unclear why he was driving the wrong way on the interstate.

Investigators will check to see whether there were alcohol or drugs in his system.