Merrill Sentenced 

Authorities say 42-year-old Eric Merrill fired dozens of shots throughout his girlfriend’s house in Lincoln.

Since his arrest, the defense claims Merrill has been a model prisoner, and his rampage was a one time event.

On Thursday, Merrill asked the judge to consider his good behavior, time served and dedication to righting his wrong.

The judge replied that while he appreciated Merrill was making an effort to be a better person, but that the severity of Merrill’s actions deserved a more serious sentence. He handed down a sentence of ten years.

When Merrill heard that, he collapsed.

E.M.T.’s were called into the courthouse, but Merrill regained consciousness on his own, and refused medical treatment.

It was then that he heard that most of his sentence had been suspended by the judge, but that Merrill would still have to serve two and a half years in prison.