Lewiston Man Dies in Auburn Park 

Witnesses say that 26-year-old Casey Stanley of Lewiston died after being stabbed in the chest near Main Street in Auburn at around 7:30 Wednesday evening.

Auburn and State Police say they are working together to try and figure out what happened, and who is responsible.

Not much has been released about the case as of yet: Auburn Police Chief Phillip Crowell is saying only that they are investigating a death.

Police spent much of Wednesday night at the crime scene in Moulton Park, investigating and talking to witnesses.

Those who saw stanley minutes after the crime say it was a horrific sight.

&quot:Casey came out stumbling, just holding his chest, blood coming out of his hands we could see, and he just kept saying Trav, Trav get him, Trav get him. Kevin get him. Devin get him. Somebody get him. He stabbed me, I’m dying. I’m gonna die, I know I’m gonna die.&quot: Witnesses told WMTW Wednesday night.

Chief Crowell says that an autopsy has been scheduled to be performed on Casey Stanley’s body sometime Thursday:

&quot:Obviously we’ve had a lot of witnesses that we are going through with the maine state police and our criminal investigation division.&quot: Crowell said Thursday morning. &quot:We have been interviewing these witnesses and gathering their statements. What’s led so far is a death investigation and we hope to learn more through the autopsy.&quot:

He says they will wait for the results of the autopsy to determine the cause of death.

News 8, WMTW, spoke to some friends of the victim, and they say he was a very generous person:

&quot:Casey was an awesome man. He would take his shirt off his back for anybody, it didn’t matter who you were. I mean, there’s been plenty of times when I got right out of work, didn’t have any money in my pocket, waiting to get paid and he’d be like, Here Trav, take 20, just pay me back when you can.’ He was that type of person. Casey was the man.&quot:

We’ll have more information as it becomes available.