Good Voter Turnout for Primaries 

Even during an off-year primary election, when the turnout tends to be lower, a steady stream of voters could be seen going to the polls Tuesday.

There are no official numbers at this point, the communities all across the state have seen large numbers of voters.

Secretary of State Matt Dunlap said the turnout could be in the 30% to 35% range. If so, that would be 50% higher than during a typical primary.

Just another example of how Mainers take their right to vote very seriously.

&quot:I think the two things that are the strongest factors are the local elections around the school budget vote and the energy from the presidential primaries.&quot: Dunlap Said Tuesday. &quot:Those are the two things that have got people thinking about voting and how it affects them directly: locally.&quot:

If the turnout was high for the primaries it could be astronomical for the November elections.

Dunlap says we could see 90% or more, which would be well above average, even for Maine.