Maine Army National Guard Headed to Iraq 

About 500 soldiers, with the 133rd Engineering Battalion, were notified they may be deployed in February of 2010.

It’s thought the soldiers will be helping to build and repair the Iraqi infrastructure.

While the dates and location of the mission are not final, Major General John Libby, says the advance notice can be both a blessing and a curse for those involved.

Major General Libby doesn’t think any of the soldiers were particularly surprised by the news, since they were coming up on the date of their 5 year cycle of deployment. &quot:It’s a blessing in that it allows men and women in the Guard who are legitimate part-time soldiers to get their personal affairs together…notify their employer… It’s a curse in that they now know that in February 2010, they’ve got to go and they have a long time to think about that.&quot:

The battalion was stationed in northern Iraq from early 2004 into early 2005.