Big Money to Maine Campaigns 

Barbra Streisand, Mary Tyler Moore and

Stephen King have a financial stake in Maine’s high-profile U.S.

Senate race. So do Phil Lesh, who’s a founding member of the

Grateful Dead, and Don McLean of &quot:American Pie&quot: fame.

Contributors to the campaigns of Democrat Tom Allen and

Republican Susan Collins include a lot of big names. The combined

campaigns also involve big money, more than $8 million so far.

Mary Tyler Moore gave $2,000 to Collins. Both women are linked

diabetes causes. Allen took in $1,000 from Streisand, a longtime

donor to liberal causes, and $4,600 each from Stephen and Tabitha

King. Phil Lesh and Don McLean are also Allen supporters.

Two-term Senator Collins took a share of Hollywood money with

$2,000 from Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of &quot:Top Gun&quot: and the

&quot:Pirates of the Caribbean&quot: trilogy. She also got $250 from Lois

Chiles, who had a role in the 1979 James Bond film &quot:Moonraker.&quot:

The senator got $2,000 from artist Jamie Wyeth.

Collins has raised about $30,000 through individual

contributions from executives of Navy shipbuilder Bath Iron Works

and parent company General Dynamics, along with $6,000 from a

political action committee funded by General Dynamics employees.

Allen got $10,000 from a political action committee of BIW’s

Machinists union.