Union Advertisements Anger Unions 

Union members around eastern Maine are taking issue with a pair of commercials produced by the Center for Union Facts.

Jack McKay is the president of the Eastern Maine Labor Council, a federation of 35 unions with more than six thousand members.

He finds the ads deceitful and negative.

&quot:One of the things that really bothered us about this ad is the lies and misinformation.&quot: McKay told TV5 on Thursday. &quot:The other thing is the patronizing attitude. This is a group funded by big business out of state who’s pretending to speak for workers: they’re not workers, that’s so arrogant.&quot:

The Washington D.C. based Center for Union Facts released a statement to WABI, from their managing director J. Justin Wilson.

It reads:

&quot:Union bosses are the ones with a long history of corruption, deception and mismanagement. Given that, we think Mainers should be especially concerned with their deceitful attempt to eliminate worker’s fundamental right to private ballot election while unionizing.&quot:

The two ads have aired on WABI TV.

Their paid advertising schedule ended on Monday, June 2nd.