Wind Farm Concerns 

Though the project was already approved by the town, some residents think there should be ground rules in place before the turbines start turning.

Jeff Keating is one of the residents pushing the town to adopt an ordinance that would impose restrictions on the wind farm project. The biggest concerns being noise and the effect on property values.

The project’s developers say none of Keating’s claims have merit, and to prove it they took a busload of Freedom residents to an industrial wind turbine site in Hull, Massachusetts, to hear for themselves.

Even so, the debate continues…

&quot:The only thing the ordinance does for us homeowners in the area is give us some legal stuff we can go by.&quot: Keating told TV 5 Wednesday. &quot:So if it is so noisy, we can say ‘You’re going to have to cut back the sound.’ &quot:

&quot:The town has voted on numerous occasions to support this project.&quot: Responded Rich Silkman, a partner in the company developing the wind farm: Beaver Ridge Wind, L.L.C. &quot:There are a group of folks in town who want to stop it and they’re trying a variety of different ways to stop it.&quot:

Freedom residents will vote on the ordinance on June 10th. Developers say even if the ordinance passes, they likely won’t have to abide by it, since their building permit was granted before the ordinance was proposed.