Sears Island Debate 

The state has plans to build an industrial port on the island, but folks from &quot:fair play for Sears Island&quot: are opposed to the port. They say it’s bad for the island, and for Penobscot bay.

Group members are especially upset that the Sierra Club of Maine has given its approval to the port plan in exchange for preserving half the island for recreation.

Sierra Club leader Ken Cline says the club isn’t in favor of a port on the island, but they say the deal makes sense overall since it will preserve 600 acres, and prevent the addition of a nuclear plant or LNG terminal down the line.

Representatives from both sides went on-air at WERU radio to debate the issue.

During the radio debate, opponents of the state plan urged Sierra Club leaders to re-think their support for the port plan.

Members of &quot:fair play for Sears Island&quot: will hold a rally and teach-in Friday, outside the Searsport congregational church starting at noon.