Prices Cause Worry for Lobstermen 

Price changes are creating problems for lobstermen and fishing communities all along Maine’s coast.

The price of lobster dropped 25 cents per pound on Tuesday, and there is talk it could fall even lower.

Fishermen say fuel is at least two dollars more a gallon this year, and it’s tougher to make a living. Many say they aren’t optimistic about the season if something doesn’t change.

Some fishermen are even selling their boats and gear. Many say they’re working longer days and making fewer trips to conserve fuel.

Fishing communities like Stonington are already feeling the ripple effect.

Town officials say they are tightening town budgets, and trying to find ways to diversify their economy.

Fishermen say the catch is normal for this time of year, but if the price falls much lower they won’t be able to cover their expenses.