Unity Green Home 

The high tech home is designed by M.I.T., and Bensonwood Builders of New Hampshire.

The structure is a single family home that designers hope will change the way homes are made.

It’s built off site, and is expected to produce more energy that it consumes through renewable resources that are installed in the home, including solar panels.

&quot:We’re looking good.&quot: Bensonwood Project Manager Hans Porschitz told TV5 on Monday. &quot:A lot of the components are prefabricated so they don’t have to be finished after. For example, the mechanical bar in the back has 2 bathrooms and a kitchen installed: piping and everything, and when these boxes are in place they can be hooked into the main line and we can cook our coffee.&quot:

It’ll take 20 days to assemble the house.

the college president and his wife will live in the home.