Katahdin Paper May Close 

More than 200 workers will again be without a job.

Millinocket’s town manager says he learned on Thursday afternoon that the paper mill will shut it’s doors on July 28th, and, that company officials say they’re closing the facility because of high oil prices.

&quot:I know talking to people at the mill previously, they were spending a huge amount per week just for oil to operate the mill.&quot: Said Manager Eugene Cologue in response to Thursday’s announcement.

Governor John Baldacci says his administration is fully engaged in an effort to see the mill reopened, and believes the mill’s energy problem can be solved.

In the meantime, a rapid response team is being sent to the area, to help people find jobs or other alternatives.

This is not something new for area residents. Many of them are still without work after the mill closed when it’s former owners filed for bankruptcy.