Hylton Makes Court Appearance 

District Judge Robert Mullen on Friday continued $1 million bail for Leo Rose Hylton during the Augusta man’s hearing. He’s charged with elevated aggravated assault in the attack, which left 48-year-old William Guerrette Jr. and his 10-year-old daughter Nicole hospitalized in critical condition.

The formal complaint against Hylton says the attack involved &quot:a use of a dangerous weapon – a machete, sword or knife.&quot: Hylton is the roommate of Daniel Fortune, one of two man charged with stealing a safe from Guerrette’s home last December.

Fortune also appeared in court Friday on an unrelated charge. Police say Fortune was rushed to a hospital afterward when he was found in the Kennebec County Jail with glassy eyes and a swollen lip in jail. Police say he has a history of seizures.