H. O. Bouchard Turns 50 

H. O. Bouchard Trucking got its start back in 1958, when owner Harold Bouchard left his farm in Fort Kent with one truck and fifty dollars in his pocket.

The company has since been transformed into a 100-truck fleet with more than a hundred fifty employees.

H. O. Bouchard is hailed as one of the leaders in trucking in the northeast.

Harold Bouchard says the secret of his success is his commitment to his customers.

&quot:If I made a commitment to a customer, and I’ve made a lot of them, and I would lose money, I’d still make sure the job got done…at any cost.&quot: Mr. Bouchard said on Thursday. &quot:We’re still a family business. And that’s so important today.&quot:

Harold Bouchard is also known for his philanthropy. He’s given generously to dozens of community organizations, from youth sports leagues to Cancer Care of Maine.

He even funds two yearly scholarships at Hampden Academy.