Suspects Arrested in Washington County 

But they say there could be more break-ins that haven’t been discovered yet.

25-year-old Christopher Wood of Marshfield, and 26-year-old Ryan Calor of Northfield, have been arrested.

They’re accused of 17 break-ins, at camps and seasonal homes in Wesley.

The State Police and Washington County Sheriff’s department are working the cases.

Police tell us there are still many more unsolved burglaries around the county.

&quot:I’m sure some of it is drug related activity.&quot: Said Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith. &quot:It’s a way to support a habit but there’s no question the economy is playing a part of this.&quot:

The stolen items include copper pipe, wire, and other metal items.

The high price for metal is making those items a popular target for thieves.

Police are urging camp owners to check their property.

If you need to report thefts, or any unusual activity, you can call the Washington County Sheriffs Department at 255-4422.