Bangor Business and Apartments Go Up in Flames 

It broke out on a section of Hammond Street near the Pine Grove Cemetery just before six o’clock Thursday night.

An apartment building and the business that was located just a few feet away were burning quickly. Jim Nason is the owner. He says he spotted flames coming from the upper level on the backside of one of the buildings. By the time he called 911-it had spread to the front.

Nason says he quickly made sure the tenants were out and then watched as the property went up in flames. Fire crews were on the scene in a matter of minutes, but there was little they could do. Crews from Brewer and Hermon joined Bangor fire fighters in the battle—as fire crews from Hampden and Veazie covered the rest of the area.

The Perry and Morrill Construction company was located in one of the buildings. Fire fighters were able to save the businesses computer and some files before they were lost.

It’s unclear how many people lived in the apartments, but we’re told the Red Cross is making sure they have clothing, food and a place to stay. The state fire marshals office will be back on the scene on Friday to look for a cause.