Ring Pleads No Contest 

30-year-old Scott Ring pled no contest to aggravated criminal O.U.I. charges.

It was part of an agreement worked out with the district attorney’s office.

Ring was driving on Route 175 in Orland IN 2007, when his truck veered over the line and hit an oncoming truck.

53-year-old Robert Florence died at the scene.

Florence’s relatives tell us they’ve been through un-imaginable pain, and they hope others will learn from this tragedy.

&quot:It’s not that I think Scott Ring planned it. He didn’t.&quot: Said Randi Connoll, Robert Florence’s sister. &quot:He didn’t intend it to happen but there are so many drunk drivers every day. People that have had to much to drink and they get behind the wheel out there driving and they don’t realize the chance they are taking.&quot:

Ring told the Florence family that no words can express his sorrow for what happened.

He’ll be unable to get a driver’s license for ten years.