EMMC Plans Rejected 

The review is a preliminary analysis, though, and EMMC administrators can still try to win over approval.

The project would build an eight-story tower on the state street campus, consolidating surgery, adding 65-beds, and increasing private rooms.

Administrators say space is tight at the hospital, and the only way to ease the crunch is to add on to the facility, but members of the &quot:certificate of need unit&quot: going over the plan say they have a number of concerns.

Among them, the hospital’s ability to pay for the expansion, and whether it will improve the health of patients.

Jill McDonald, EMMC Vice President for Communication, says administrators are &quot:disappointed they didn’t convince the staff members in the first go-around. But they hope to provide them what’s missing in their application to help them come to a decision that expansion is the right thing for the hospital to do.&quot:

EMMC has ten-business days to respond and amend its application. The Department of Health and Human Services commissioner will then have the final say on the plan.