Gay Rights Appeal 

Plans are moving forward for the Christian Civil League’s attempt to start a campaign repealing Maine’s gay rights law.

State officials are expected to give the go-ahead.

Current law bans discrimination in employment, housing, or access to public accommodations based on race, color, sex or sexual orientation.

It’s the sexual orientation part that has Christian Civic leaders wanting to repeal the law.

In order to get the issue on the ballot in November of next year supporters would have until January 22 to get 55,000 people to sign that petition.

&quot:We’re optimistic we’ll be able to get as many as 60-thousand or more signatures.&quot: Said League member Mike Hein on Monday.

&quot:I don’t think ultimately Mainers are going to want to go in that direction.&quot: Rebutted MCLU legal director Zachary Heiden. &quot:Most Mainers believe people should have the right to be treated fairly, with respect, and not be discriminated against in the workplace or in schools.&quot:

California’s supreme court recently ruled that same-sex couples can marry in that state.

Massachusetts is the only other state that allows gay marriages.