Old Town Mom Gets Wish 

While many moms are taking this special day to relax and be waited on, one mom from Old Town is busy packing.

Sonya Barclay is battling advanced breast cancer: and while she doesn’t know how much time she has left, she’s enjoying what could be her last mother’s day knowing her family will be in a safe home, thanks to the generous donations of so many caring people.

It’s moving day at the Barclays. A day Sonya Barclay never thought would come.

&quot:This is a great mother’s day present.&quot: Barclay told TV5 on Sunday.

This 32-year old mother of four has spent the last three years battling breast cancer. So it’s not surprising some much needed home repairs have gone unattended.

Sonya’s last wish is for her family to have a safe secure home. One where the chimney isn’t falling apart, and where mold isn’t growing downstairs. Now, on mother’s day, Sonya’s last wish is about to come true. Thanks to so many generous people, who have rallied together to build the Barclays a new home.

&quot:I can’t fathom the thought of all of this.&quot: Sonya Said. &quot:It’s exciting. It’s great. I know now, I can rest assured, knock on wood, if something ever were to happen to me, there are going to be ok.&quot:

Construction on the family’s new home is set to begin on Monday, which means everything must be packed. Six people’s belongings, ten years of memories.

Sonya, her husband Jeff, and the kids have no idea what their new home will look like. They’ll unwrap that present in a few weeks.

Sonya says it’ll be hard to beat this year’s mother’s day gift.

&quot:I just want a safe environment for my family. I didn’t think a new home. I thought maybe a few fixes. I’m at a loss for words.&quot:
&quot:For all of the people who’ve come forward, this has been great for me.&quot: