Old Town Property Taxes 

Like many towns across the state, city councilors in Old Town are taking a hard look at next year’s fiscal budget.

In April, city councilors gave tentative approval to a more than eight million dollar budget: up from this year’s seven plus million budget.

That could translate to an increase of as much as five to eight percent on property taxes. An exact number won’t be known until August.

The city is still considering additional cuts to the budget, but councilor Alan Stormann says they could be hard to find.

&quot:it’s also important we look at equipment, what we do and don’t need. if it’s something we don’t need, it goes, but if it’s something we do need, we need to maintain it so we aren’t bonding for equipment.&quot:

One of the cuts being talked about, the elimination of curb side trash pick up.

City manager peggy daigle says cuts to residents’ services have pros and cons, and all of those must be weighed before any final decision is made.