Pantry Needs New Driveway 

Gerry Raymond runs the good samaritan food pantry at his house, just off Route 23.

The pantry is open every other Wednesday.

But Raymond says he’s going to have to close up the pantry, because nobody can get passed a wash out in his driveway.

He says he’s asked the town for help, and even called the governor’s office. But he’s been told that nobody can do anything, because it’s a private road.

&quot:I’ve got a food pantry up there we’re doing 26 area towns over 200 people I can’t get them across to feed ’em.&quot: Raymond told TV5 Thursday. &quot:I’m just a poor man like the rest of those guys.&quot:

Raymond has been running the pantry for the last three years.

He says more and more people are showing up each year, because of the rising cost of gas and other living expenses.