Flooding Begins to Recede 

People in the Milford area were the latest to cope with the rising water.

The Penobscot River over-flowed its banks late Wednesday night, and flooded homes and businesses along Route 2.

Rescuers were on the scene quickly. Among the folks who needed help were the drivers of a truck that got stuck in the water on the French Settlement Road.

Residents in that area have dealt with flooding before, and had to decide whether it was time leave.

&quot:As I was standing there talking to them I was looking around my feet, and I was on a dry spot of land and then water was coming around us as we were walking, and I’d look at my feet and I’d have to move because the water was coming around, but I didn’t really pay attention around us. But it was coming in fast.&quot: Costigan Resident Kim Fifer told TV 5 on Thursday.

Ms. Fifer did leave her home, at about one o’clock Thursday morning.

The folks at the Milford Motel, on the river, said that some families are staying there until the water recedes.

Up north, in the Fort Kent area, dozens of families were forced to evacuate when the Saint John River started to rise.

The state is providing assistance, including bottled water for those who need it.

It appears that the water in that area has begun to recede.