Fort Kent Flooding 

Rain swollen rivers are forcing the evacuations of some folks in northern Maine tonight, especially those along the St. John and Fish rivers in Fort Kent. Repsonders are dealing with a record water highs of almost 32 feet near a dike, which is almost overflowing.

Officials are most concerned about water cresting around the International Bridge over the St. John. They are trying to make sure that if the water does reach the bridge, that citizens are out of harms way.

Water has also made its way to Main St. now, with levels reaching almost three feet in some areas. Officials say that while most of the people living in dangerous areas, have been evacuated, some people are refusing go.

That has authorities worried, because without power, many folks will have no heat. The governor declared state of emergency in Aroostook county.

The university of Maine at Fort Kent has cancelled classes until Monday, and is evacuating the campus. While Fort Kent has flooded in the past, locals say they have never seen anything like this before.