Muddy Rudder’s Grilled Tuna with Warm Noodle Salad 


4-8oz Tuna steaks

28oz cooked soba noodles

6oz szechuan sauce

4oz Zucchini (julienne)

4oz Summer squash (julienne)

4oz Carrots (julienne)

4oz Red pepper (julienne)

4oz Wakkami Seaweed Salad

4oz Papaya puree

4oz Black cherry puree

Heat grille to med-high heat. Grille tuna until desired temp. Just before tuna is done heat soba noodles with szechuan sauce. Divide noodles onto four plates. Heat vegetables in saut pan with 1oz olive oil season with salt and pepper.

When vegetables are hot but crisp, place vegetables on noodles. Place Tuna on noodles. Then top with seaweed salad.

Decorate plate with cherry and papaya puree.