Millinocket Teacher Scams School 

A teacher from Stearns High School has been charged with forgery after she allegedly scammed the school system in Millinocket for time off and compensation for a disease she didn’t have.

Police say 31-year old Irene Clark, of East Millinocket, told the superintendent of schools she was suffering from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia or CLL.

She provided her superiors with doctors reports written on letterhead from Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Clark requested sick time off and allegedly received almost $3,000 from a school fund for treatments she never received.

The scam was unveiled when school officials tried to contact the doctor treating Clark, and were told she was not a patient, and that she didn’t have the disease.

Clark later confessed to Millinocket police.

She is scheduled to be arraigned in Millinocket district court on June 4th.