International Heating Assistance Meeting 

The meeting was to show appreciation for the thousands of gallons of fuel donated by Citgo and Venezuela to tribal members across the state.

While the Venezuelan government has come under fire by the U.S. congress for what the U.S. sights as support of terrorist organizations.

Penobscot Chief Kirk Francis, says the relationship between the two governments has less to do with politics and more to do with social concerns and issues like home heating assistance.

&quot:The Unites States Senate sent out a call to big time oil, saying, &quot:what can we do about this&quot: Citgo was the only one that came to the table, and they’ve done their part, I think.&quot:

Folks like Donna Chapman, who live on a fixed income, and benefits from the tribal home heating program, say they’re less concerned about the politics than they are about the help.

Chapman says the fuel has been a blessing for her, and has made all the difference to her quality of life this year.