Ellsworth Drug Bust 

63-year-old Peter Jordan was arrested on Wednesday and charged with trafficking Oxycontin.

Police say Jordan was arrested in the parking lot of Home Depot Wednesday after they watched him sell 30 pills.

After his arrest, drug agents found more Oxycontin and Hydrocodone pills along with $1,200 in cash.

&quot:This is a major problem.&quot: Lt. Harold Page of the Ellsworth Police Department told TV5 Thursday. &quot:We see this all of the time, but it seems particularly bad in this part of the state is the abuse of prescription drugs, and this is just more of the same…&quot:

Police say it’s not uncommon for drug deals to be made in public places.

They say dealers hope to blend in with the crowds so they won’t be noticed.

Jordan’s bail is set at 5 thousand dollars.

He is scheduled to go to court in July.