Nason Death Update 

Damon Nason was in his stepfather’s care when he died back in March of this year.

William Bryson of East Machias is charged with manslaughter in connection with the case.

The toddler died of a traumatic head injury.

Bryson told police that Damon was hurt after a fall in the bathtub.

Court paperwork in the case has now been unsealed after a freedom of information request filed by the Bangor Daily News.

The affidavit says that Damon’s mother told police that Bryson said that Damon had struck his head while he was in the tub, and that Bryson was out of the room when the accident occurred.

A firefighter who responded to the house said that Damon was not wet from being in the tub when he arrived.

The report also says that Damon was bruised on not just the head, but also on the chin, throat, and buttocks.