Travis White 

A judge in Hancock County has denied a motion to amend Travis white’s probation.

in 2002, White was convicted on nine counts of gross sexual assault and one count of unlawful sexual contact with four of his former players.

White’s lawyer, Stephen Smith, argued that White served his time, and should be able to go back to Bucksport and live with his parents.

At a hearing last month, people in the community protested the request, saying it would be traumatizing all over again to have White back in Bucksport, especially for victims who still live in the area.

The judge ruled that outright banishment from Bucksport is inappropriate, and instead left open the opportunity for White to move back at another time.

In the meantime, White will be allowed to visit his parents.

Smith says he’s disappointed that his client won’t be able to return to his hometown right away, and is keeping options open on filing an appeal.