New Tax 

It was a strict party line vote, and will raise taxes on beer, wine, soda and flavored water.

The new tax will increase the cost of the beer, wine and soda by thirty seven percent.

Bud Hall is the owner of Angler’s Restaurant in Newport and Searsport and he’s upset with what the legislature did late last night.

His main issue, other than the size of the increase, is that it was passed without a public hearing.

He says that his cost of buying a five gallon mix for Coke or Pepsi will increase by twenty dollars a box, a cost which gets passed to the consumer.

Governor Baldacci sees this as a benefit, and the funds will help Dirigo Health Care, &quot:So I would say to those who are questioning whether to do this or not these are people who work and these are businesses in operation this is about helping those people who are providing for all of us so this is something that needs to be done.&quot:

But Hall says he isn’t sure, &quot:I don’t know where to go from here, where do you start, when they come up with laws at ten o’clock at night, when are you supposed to sleep.&quot:

The new taxes will go into effect ninety days following the end of the legislative session.